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Monument Avenue
Monument Avenue

This tree lined avenue with its broad grass median and wonderful collection of Richmond monuments is one of our city's most popular and well known attractions. Monument Avenue is beautiful every season of the year, and is full of life, a popular place for neighbors to take a stroll, jog, or walk their dogs. Bordered by beautiful historic architecture of grand homes and churches, a one mile section of the street is still paved with the original cobblestones. Monument Avenue is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and in 2007 was named one of the 10 great streets in the country by the American Planning Association. The Avenue features six statues along a 1.5 mile stretch- four Civil War figures, the Arthur Ashe monument, and directly across from our inn, the statue honoring Matthew Fontaine Maury. Maury Place at Monument is the only Richmond VA bed and breakfast overlooking Monument Avenue, and our Pathfinder Suite has a private balcony overlooking the Avenue.

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Runners in the Ukrops Monument Avenue 10k

The Ukrops Monument Avenue 10k and Richmond Marathon both run along Monument each year, and guests can view runners from our front porch. Each spring a section of Monument is closed off for 10,000 people to attend "Easter on Parade", a fun event featuring live music, food, and Richmonders (and their dogs) competing in Easter bonnet contests.

Below shows the 1.5 mile section of Monument Avenue with its six famous statues:

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Maury Place at Monument
Icon- Arthur Ashe Statue Arthur Ashe Statue honoring the Richmond native known for his tennis accomplishments and humanitarian service. In 1968 Ashe won three major tournaments including the US Open, but that same year he was denied participation in the South African Tennis Open due to apartheid. Ashe went on to win the Australian Open in 1970 and Wimbleton in 1975.
Maury Monument honoring Matthew Fontaine Maury, who developed oceanography. Known as the "Pathfinder of the Seas", his work greatly increased the safety and speed of ocean travel. Maury's advice was sought throughout the world, and countless buildings and landmarks in Virginia carry his name. The Maury Monument was intended to be erected in Washington, D.C., but after objections were raised due to his confederate service in the Civil War, the monument was placed in Richmond.
Stonewall Jackson - Aside from Lee, the Jackson is the most well known confederate general. With an inadequate education Jackson struggled as a student in West Point, but became one of the most gifted tactical commanders in US history. Jackson's death by friendly fire in 1863 was a severe setback to confederate morale and prospects.
Davis Monument - A U.S. Senator from Mississippi until the outbreak of the Civil War, Jefferson Davis became the President of the Confederate States of America, serving until the war's end. Having served as secretary of war under Franklin Pierce, before the war Davis had supported states rights but not secession, knowing the southern states lacked the resources to win. During and after the war, Davis was known for his defiance and refusal to accept defeat.
Lee Monument - General Robert E Lee is an iconic figure in US military history. Offered the command of Union forces by President Lincoln, Lee sided with his home state of Virginia despite personally opposing secession. Lee is remembered for winning victories against superior forces through daring and crafty tactics. While suffering defeats at Vicksburg, Antietem, and Gettysburg, Lee did not lose a single major battle in Virginia until the war's end.
Stuart Monument - One of the greatest cavalry commanders in American history, "Jeb" Stuart was known for his mastery of reconnaissance and his audacious cavalry tactics. Cultivating a dashing image with a red-lined cape, yellow sash, and peacock hat, Stuart became famous for his daring victories, but some historians also consider Lee's defeat at Gettysburg due to Stuart's absence during key parts of that campaign. Jeb Stuart is buried in Richmond's Hollywood Cemetery.

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